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Yoga is found to be a proven tool to bring down anxiety and stress. It can help build endurance, improve mindfulness and is the best recourse to take to develop a sound body and mind. While all of this sounds great, it can be extremely difficult for you to wake up and hit the yoga studio day after day. This is where myIndianyoga live yoga classes can be of great help!

What sets us apart?

With our interactive, live yoga classes, conducted in real time, you can start practicing yoga and reap its entire benefits right from the confines of your own home. With an abundant wealth of authentic yoga wisdom that you can depend on (knowledge gleaned from our ancient Indian texts) our tailor made yoga programs are second to none. You can get personalized tips from our experts by just turning on your camera from anywhere, anytime. You can also enjoy unlimited access of our recorded classes afterwards.

Subscribers to myIndianyoga classes can choose from a wide range of classes suitable for any skill level starting from beginner to advanced. We also offer customized classes based on individual's needs or specific health condition. Our team of professional Indian yoga gurus is also well equipped to handle classes for Elders, Kids, Pregnant women, Sports people, disabled people and others. They can answer queries related to food and dietary habits, meditation techniques and pranayama�live.

This is not all. You can also subscribe to our App to get access to meditation, guided classes and pranayama to create a healthier version of yourself. With different intensity options and step by step instructions you can easily keep track of your progress and hope to achieve your goals using this well-designed, easy to use app. To know more about our broad spectrum of engaging and exciting yoga classes, contact myIndianyoga today.

Yoga Anywhere

MyIndianYoga lets you learn Yoga from wherever you are, whenever you want, through our live interactive sessions using your Mobile, Tablet, PC or TV. It is Yoga is in its pristine form, from the confines of your home or office without having to step out.

Authentic Indian Gurus

You can be rest assured of learning from authentic Indian gurus or experts by subscribing to MyIndianYoga. The grounded teaching style of our yoga professionals seamlessly support learning to gain confidence in yoga postures, step by step. By signing up on our site/ application, Yoga learners can look to expand their personal journey while aligning with the teachings of ancient yogic traditions.

Customized Programs

You can filter by duration, teacher, focus or style to find the perfect class to meet your needs. Our programs are customized to suit the diverse needs across ages, gender, pregnancy, special children, and older people facing health challenges.

Device Friendly

Our programs are device friendly and you can learn yoga to the extent you wish by streaming our videos or live classes on a tablet, phone, mobile or laptop. With just a yoga mat in your possession, you can start practicing yoga to get active and agile from today!

How It Works

myindianyoga.com - Your number one source for in-depth yoga knowledge and wisdom.
Unlock your potential to discover the new "You"

Yoga is more than just a few asana practices or mastering the headstand � it's a way of life and myIndianyoga is the best bet to help you on your path to enlightenment by unlocking your true potential.


Array of classes in a slew of styles

The subscription gives you a wide range of classes such as Pilates, Unlimited Yoga, or Indian dance sequences to name a few. These sessions range from 45 to 60 minutes each and are delivered by a team of well Trained, Passionate Indian Yoga Gurus who help you gain mastery over the skills.

Array of classes in a slew of styles


Get into the groove of practice with any one of our programs

Customized programs are a unique feature at myindianyoga.com. Whether your goal is to improve your flexibility, tone your body or chill your mind, there is a focused class on offer at a reasonable price tag. In addition to a wide range of yoga classes, you'll also love our specific programs designed to break the monotony such as "Happy Yoga", "Indian Dance", "Workplace Yoga" among others.

Get into the groove of practice with any one of our programs


Try us out Anytime

You can choose a time slot that is perfect for you starting from 7 A.M to 11 P.M (Your Time Zone) for the live classes. Alternatively, you can stream our videos on your PC, Tablet, Mobile device, TV! MyIndianYoga lets you learn yoga wherever you are, whenever you want so that you can learn everything you need. No hassle or travel, just pure yoga knowledge right from the confines of your own home.

Try us out Anytime



You can subscribe to our first trial class today after making your payment at myindianyoga.com. We are sure you will be glued to our program and nothing can stop you!



Let's design your unique program

We can recommend classes you will love after analysing your health sheet or studying your unique health issues or requirements. If you would like your practice to help you achieve a certain physical, or emotional goal, our private sessions can help you progress in the right direction. To know more get in touch with MyIndianYoga today!

Let's design your unique program

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